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We take you there, reaching over 60 million online listeners on mobile, desktop, and in-home / in-office digital devices.



Publishing your podcast at the right time and  in the right places is crucial for audience growth. We work with these top podcast distribution partners and hosting sites.


The iTunes podcasting directory is the #1 place for podcasting distribution.  With millions of users, Apple’s podcasting app is loaded as part of the core apps on any iOS device.  iTunes also offers exposure opportunities like being listed in New & Noteworthy and thru comprehensive search tools and tags.

Stitcher is one of the top podcast directories and discovery apps. (

With over 10 million users this app and website is an important distribution partner for your podcast.  Stitcher offers feature profiles and discovery tools that could help their members find you and subscribe.

SoundCloud has over 10 million users and it a great place for audio discovery and sharing.  The SoundCloud player can be added to any website offering an easy syndication and sharing method for your episodes. 


TuneIn is an audio directory and discovery app with over 65 million users.  The APP and website showcased both internet radio and podcasting content searchable by names, tags, and genres.  TuneIn also offers fans the ability to subscribe to your TuneIn page allowing you to track your success on this platform.

Used by over 13 million people worldwide, Spotify has begun accepting podcasts into their platform.  Through our podcast hosting partners Blubrry ( we are able to get your podcast submitted for inclusion.

Roku has over 10 million digital streaming TV box users and growing.  Through our podcast hosting partner Blubrry ( your podcast will be included on this platform.


10 million users engage POCKETCAST on a daily basis for their podcast consumption.

Google Play Music now plays podcasts to the millions of Android device users.


From mobile phones to tablets, your podcast will be made available to the millions of users engaging Android devices everyday. 


10 million users engage ACAST on a daily basis for their podcast consumption.

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With over 35,000 podcasts, Blubrry has become the leader in podcast hosting.  





We also highly recommend turning your podcast into a 24/7 stream for more audience expansion.  


Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered by themselves of by others. Which is why you want to get your podcast produced and published quickly with Strawberry Hill Productions. Let your genius be discovered.
— Mark Twain