Game of THEMES

(Pod) Wilbert is a renowned composer for Video Games, Film and TV, who has worked on projects like Lara Croft and Star Wars. In this podcast he explores the technical and emotional importance of soundtracks for all visual media, having interviews with other famous composers and sound designers.



(Pod) OPEN- An Adventure in Modern Intimacy is a podcast for adult audiences only, ready to explore the new world of dating, mate finding, and intimate expression. This podcasts follows “H” a anonymous 27 year old male, and cultural creative as he  traverses the world of conscious coupling in a tinder-happy modern world. 


everyday attraction

(Pod) Everyday Attraction is a popular podcast for the metaphysical crowd exploring all things beyond the physical.  This podcast unravels complicated ideas like “the law of attraction” and breaks them down for easy ‘everyday’ understanding. Stay inspired with this podcast hosted by The Feel Good Sisters and syndicated on Unity.fm, Stitcher, and PlayerFM.



Anime Radio Experience is the premiere internet radio station for Anime fans and artists. Combing the globe for the best Anime music, ARE keeps fans engaged and exploring classic anime as well as the latest hits.  ARE also includes celebrity shoutouts, Anime Convention News, Concert Info, and Anime Talk Shows from celebrity anime artists and composers.  ARE is syndicated on over 40 digital distribution channels and has its own APP for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.  



(Pod) Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel http://patriciakeel.com/ is a popular metaphysics teacher, author, workshop leader, and internet radio host.  Her philosophy is that we are all radically responsible for what shows up in our relationships and ultimately the only 'fix' is within ourselves.

Truth Dare


How many people truly know the real YOU? This podcast is a series of intimate conversations and truth-telling with inspiring and engaging personalities to uncover who we are and why we have been hiding. Do you have the courage to live your truth? And dare to be more of YOU? 


big in japan

(Pod) Big In Japan- with Raj Ramayya is a unique podcast exploring the cultural realities and eccentricities of Japanese culture seen through the eyes of this popular artist and musician who happens to be ‘big in japan’.  



(IR) All Memphis Music- this internet radio station is an ode to the home of the blues, the birthplace of rock n’ roll, and the cradle of soul, Memphis, Tennessee. Hosted and programmed by Jon Scott and David Fleischmen, two blues men to the core, spinning the best of Memphis inspired music done by the great artists like Elvis and BBKing, as well as the iconic sounds like The Memphis Horns. 


New Dimensions is recorded each week at our studios in Novato, CA.  SHP is honored to support this legacy broadcaster with their expansion into the podcast marketplace

Working with Strawberry Hill Productions has been fantastic! They guided us thoroughly through the process of setting up an Internet Radio and producing our podcast. They are so great. We highly recommend!
— Jon Scott (Producer - All Memphis Music)